For Sellers

Dear Seller and manufacturers,

if you have already found this page, I assume you are interested in more sales, higher prices and more margin.

How can you achieve that? What is the difference between high class brands and maybe you? – All big brands have residents in Germany. They have local offices. They have native speaking persons that also understand the culture difference.

Sure, small brands can’t invest into that. But you can recruit me for special tasks like:

  • Promotions
    • – the biggest sales platform in Germany
    • YouTube – the biggest video platform in the world
    • – Biggest German Review platform and highly ranked at the search engines
    • facebook – biggest global social media platform
    • twitter – important Newsfeed page
    • pinterest – growing News page
    • any many more
  • SEO Ranking improvements
    • Regular well mentioned products are better ranked by the search engines.
    • Native correct search words will let potential customers find you.
  • Translations into german
    • For Amazon Listings
    • For handbocks and manuals
  • Videos or stills
    • For your own use
    • For SocialMedia promotions
  • Product Test
    • Internal during development phases
    • external for product launches and promotions

I use several platforms to promote your products. Beside the normal reviews and the shopping platforms, I also create several reviews on different platforms to reach the best publicity for your product.

But already to point out here: You can’t buy positive reviews from me. My opinion to a product is incorrupt and independent from any cooperation we might get in. I can not and will not grant any kind success. I can guide and assist you but I’m not a magician.

To have a better and closer cooperation, I can offer you to contact me via

  • email:
  • WeChat: the0bone

If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to contact me.